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Digital Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

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Digital marketing is the quickest and most effective way for lawyers to grow their brand. However, the strategies employed by a law firm to grow their digital presence should be informed by the firm’s practice area and size. This article will provide you with seven digital marketing tips that law firms of all sizes can use to develop their brand.

Why Do Lawyers Need Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps law firms grow their potential client base, which in turn leads to an increase in revenue. By discovering new clients, a law firm is able to expand its reach and increase growth. While different tactics are suited to certain practice areas, all law firms can benefit from a sound digital marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that digital marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to be adaptable and open to making changes to your strategy as needed. The most critical step is to take action and get started. Here are seven digital marketing tips specifically tailored for law firms. We recommend focusing on the tips that are most relevant to your firm’s goals and target audience.

  1. Social Media Presence: Investing in social media is the best way to directly engage with potential clients. Social media platforms allow clients to ask questions and learn more about a law firm, including its operating hours, specializations, and direct contact information. Law firms can even use social media platforms to book appointments. Showcasing a law firm’s approach, values, and expertise through social media platforms can help clients feel more connected to a law firm and expand its reach to those who might not have discovered it otherwise.
  2. Google My Business Page and Optimization: Creating a Google My Business page can make it easy for local clients to find and connect with a law firm. To optimize a Google My Business profile, a law firm should start by listing its name, address, and contact information. This way, when someone searches for a law firm in their area or by name, the firm’s listing will appear in the Google maps view and help it stand out from other firms. Law firms can also post content and updates through Google My Business so new clients can learn even more about the firm. An integration with Clio that allows new clients to schedule consultations directly from a Google My Business listing can help law firms gain new clients.
  3. Prioritize Website User Experience: A law firm’s website should be easy to navigate and contain clear, straightforward information about its services. It should include details on how to contact the firm and what its operating hours are. One way to make the website experience seamless is by connecting the website to the firm’s practice management software.
  4. Embrace SEO Best Practices: Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing concept that aims to provide users with the best possible answer to their questions when they use a search engine like Google. SEO involves writing high-quality content, giving search engines the right signals, and building links to a website. Law firms can use these strategies to improve their website’s search engine rankings, which can lead to an increase in website traffic and potential clients.
  5. Content Marketing: Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable content that attracts and retains clients. This strategy can involve creating blog posts, social media posts, videos, and podcasts. Law firms can use content marketing to build their brand and showcase their expertise.
  6. Email Marketing: Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with clients and leads. Law firms can use email marketing to provide clients with updates on their cases, newsletters, and other information. This strategy can help law firms build long-term relationships with their clients.
  7. Digital Advertising: Digital advertising involves paying to promote a law firm on search engines or social media platforms. This strategy can be effective for law firms that want to target a specific audience. Digital advertising can help law firms reach new clients and build brand awareness.


The most successful law firms are those that prioritize quality over quantity. Law firms should focus on digital marketing tactics that are suited to their practice area and clients. By investing in social media, creating a Google My Business page, prioritizing website user experience, embracing SEO best practices, using content marketing, email marketing, and digital advertising, law firms can grow their brand and generate hugh quality leads.