10 Ways to Increase Traffic with Paid Advertising

From SEO and social media to freebies and emails, we’ve covered them all. Most of these strategies are essentially free, unless you want to pay for additional services. But in today’s post, we’re going a step further.

If you have a budget for marketing expenses, I highly recommend that you put some of it to good use for paid advertising online. Paid marketing has proved to be very effective in numerous instances, and it’s sure to bring you tons of traffic with a meager effort.

Having established why paid advertising is an effective method of marketing your website, let’s now look at the different mediums you can choose from.

1. Website Ads
Website Ads
A lot of websites offer premium space on their sites for a nominal monthly/annual fee. The more popular the website, the more expensive it would be to hire the online space.

You can find popular websites that your target audince are likely to frequent and place ads in prominent places. Most sites with sponsored ad space allow you to place the following kind of ads:

Banner – A rectangular image that is placed at the top/bottom of the page, or between the content.
Sidebar – Smaller boxes where you can place an image linking back to your website.
Text – These are just keywords or phrases that are linked back to your website.
2. Google Adwords Best new york seo
Google Ads
Google AdWords is the best way to get your website to the very top of search results. This is a coveted spot as most people just click on the first link that pops up on their search results. ocubedigital.com

You can use AdWords to target specific keywords, and even customize your campaign based on your budget. This works on a PPC (Pay Per Click) model, so you will only be charged when visitors click on your advertised link in the search results and land on your website.

3. Social Media Ads
Facebook Ads
Just about every social media network is now feasible for advertising. You can use ads on social media to extend your following, or engage with those online and get them to visit your website.

Here are some avenues you can try out:

Facebook Ads

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Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Pinterest Ads
4. Newsletter Ads
Many popular online websites have a large number of newsletter subscribers whom they stay in touch with on a regular basis. You can pay to have your website ad inserted in their newsletters.

Depending on your budget, you can have banners or text links inserted in their newsletters. Since these emails go right to the inbox, there’s a higher possibility of people clicking through to your website.

5. Sponsored Email Broadcasts
Another way to get into the inboxes of your target audience is by sponsoring email broadcasts. Look out for popular blogs/websites in your niche that also have a large email following.

You can offer something special on your website (a freebie, coupon, interesting article, etc.) and pay to have the link sent out in an email. The cost of a sponsored email broadcast may be significantly higher, but since it contains information pertaining to your website alone, you might get more clickthroughs.

6. Paid Directory Listings
Directory Listings
There are loads of popular online directories where you can purchase a listing. You can pay for a listing on popular niche directories and also other general purpose directories that are categorized by industry.

7. Sponsored Reviews
Sponsored Reviews
A sponsored review is one where you provide prominent bloggers a free product/service and they review it on their website. You might also have to pay an additional fee for the review itself.

A sponsored review can also be combined with a giveaway, to encourage more people to visit your website and see what you have to offer.

8. Sponsored Articles
A sponsored article is a great way to present helpful information to your target audience that contains discrete links back to your website. Many large blogs allow other websites to submit articles for a specified price. The cost usually allows you to add a couple of relevant links back to your website.

9. Paid Press Releases
Press Releases
A press release is a simple write-up that spreads information about something new that’s happening on your website. You could submit it on press release sites when something new is being launched on your website. Paying for a press release usually guarantees its publication.

10. Ad Retargeting
Retargeting is one of the best ways to market to a target audience that is actually interested in your website. These ads follow them around on various other sites until they click through and take action on your website.